A dynamic and diversified asset allocation strategy

PBS SMART Portfolio is a dynamic multi-asset class strategy that offers:

  1. A high level of diversification via an exposure to more than 20 sub-asset classes
  2. An independent vehicle selection process with a “best in class approach”
  3. An active, systematic and disciplined asset allocation process

PBS SMART Portfolio is an active strategy that captures the full market exposure in up markets  and divest in down markets

The PBS SMART Portfolio targets to be a reference turnkey wealth management solution in the flexible asset allocation universe

NAV1 day1 month3 months6 months2018Historical
EUR InstitutionalIE00B7VNF7871179.13-0.22%-0.44%-1.25%-1.71%-1.43%17.91%
EUR PrivateIE00B5TWCG101092.29-0.22%-0.57%-1.55%-2.22%-2.14%9.23%
USD InstitutionalIE00B7L3NC991242.81-0.20%-0.20%-0.55%-0.31%0.39%24.28%
USD PrivateIE00B7V62D221188.98-0.21%-0.30%-0.87%-0.86%-0.33%18.90%
CHF InstitutionalIE00B58WVS701134.88-0.22%-0.48%-1.37%-1.93%-1.72%13.49%
CHF PrivateIE00B82WVM841089.94-0.22%-0.58%-1.65%-2.42%-2.41%8.99%
CHF SelectIE00B8KYH7321133.62-0.22%-0.44%-1.27%-1.70%-1.42%13.36%

Last update: 06/09/2018


Asset Allocation over the last 12 months

Overweight Equities

Notable shifts in financial asset preferences and related flows should remain supportive
for Equities. Equities are entering their sixth consecutive year of positive performance.
Only a recession could stop the cyclical bull market. The current cycle is more mature
which implies (i) a valuation multiples convergence , (ii) more fundamental driven
markets (iii) an increase in M&A deals

Current Asset Allocation

Importance of Diversification

A diversified and active approach for asset allocation is key given where we are in the
economic cycle. Not a single asset class can comply with the performance and risk
objectives of an investor. As a consequence a diversified approach seems optimal. An
active portfolio management is also required since volatility will come back as Central
Banks eventually normalise their monetary policies and financial assets valuation metrics
are more demanding